Depression Counseling

Depression can be mild, moderate, or severe and most people experience some depressive symptoms at some point in their lives.  Sometimes depressive symptoms can significantly impact one’s functioning or level of happiness and counseling can provide some relief.  Depressive symptoms can include:

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  • Feeling down/sad
  • Increase in crying
  • Irritability/Increased anger
  • Increased isolation or withdrawal,
  • Having changes in one’s sleep, eating or sexual patterns
  • Feeling less interest in things one used to enjoy
  • Loss of motivation or the ability to concentrate
  • Having thoughts about death or suicide

Depression Counseling can help clients better understand the interactions between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors that may trigger depressive symptoms, help you identify and combat depressive symptoms when they arise, and learn techniques designed to reduce or prevent depressive symptoms.  Contact me to start counseling designed to keep depression from negatively impacting your personal and professional happiness.