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I believe it is my job to offer a warm, nurturing environment where you will feel truly heard and listened to but also an environment where you feel appropriately challenged.  I will push you to live your life authentically and in ways that are the best fit for you.  I will help you discover how to live the life you really want to live, not the life you or other people think “you should”. I will challenge you and act as an objective mirror to your life and your choices and encourage you to live your life in a way where what you want, need, believe in and value is actually how you are living--in essence, you are not just talking the talk, you are walking your walk. I will act as an objective person in your life that will help you see other perspectives, offer a place to explore the pros and cons of situations and decisions, and ultimately learn what is important to you and offer skills and support while you strive to get it.  I focus my work on creating a safe space for all people to explore who they are and who they can be without the limitations placed on them by themselves, others or society.  I strive to help people live with a true sense of freedom, peace and self-love.