• Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Eating Disorder Recovery Center and Texas Woman's University
  • Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology: The University of Akron
  • Master's Degree in Psychology: The University of Akron
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology: University of Richmond

Theoretical Orientation

My clinical approach is mostly informed by the Relational-Cultural Theory (RCT) which is based in several counseling theories, including Cognitive, Interpersonal, Attachment, Feminist, and Multicultural.   RCT posits that while many of us have been hurt by disconnections in our interpersonal relationships, healthy connections are basic to life and the source of healing and wholeness.  Therapy offers an opportunity to build a healthy relationship safe from contempt and humiliation and allows you the chance to grow and change.  

RCT therapy works to increase healthy connections and congruence between what you believe and want and how you are living your life.  When this happens, RCT suggests that you will see an increase in the “Five Good Things”:

  • Zest for life/increased energy
  • Empowermentto take action in relationships and in other situations
  • Clarity about self and others
  • Increased sense of worth
  • Desire for more healthy connections

In addition, therapy offers a place to look at your schemas and beliefs about who you are, the expectations you have of others, beliefs about how future relationships will unfold based on past relational experiences, and ideas about who we are that have been imposed on us by our culture.  Part of the work in therapy will include examining these beliefs and deliberately choosing which ideas and expectations you want to take on/ maintain and which you need to let go of so that you can be the healthiest person you can be.

In line with these beliefs, I have also become a fan of Brene Brown's work. She was also influenced by RCT theories and she studies shame, vulnerability and authenticity and encourages people to be more vulnerable as the key to true connection in life. Please see the client resources page for more information.